CD Shower Companion Stereo AM/FM & CD-MP3

CD Shower Companion Stereo AM/FM & CD-MP3

Don’t you miss your music when you’re in the shower? Or perhaps you like listening to the news or the weather in the morning. Well let the CD Shower Companion take up where your clock radio left off. Not only does this play AM/FM radio, it also plays CDs, CDs with MP3s and CD-RWs.

The “CD” Shower Companionâ„¢ has built-in stereo speakers with state-of-the-art driver technology — featuring special aluminum-cone diaphragms, high-compliance suspension rings and powerful neodymium magnets that deliver super-high energy output, low distortion and superior frequency response. The result is rich, full-range, high fidelity stereo that is brilliantly clear — truly incredible sound from such ultra-compact speakers. You simply have to hear it to believe it!

Sharper Image Design’s® water-resistant CD stereo is designed for safe, convenient use in the shower — and anywhere else! Pop open the vertical compartment and place a CD inside — the disc will stay safe and dry behind the protective door. Push-button, rubberized controls are easy to use, even with wet, soapy fingers. For the first time, you can enjoy the CD Shower Companion with both regular CDs and CD-RWs as well as with CDs encoded with MP3 compressed music files — with nearly 12 hours of music on a single disc! In MP3 mode, you can scroll 99 albums and 255 tracks. For uninterrupted enjoyment during robust use, it offers anti-skip, continuous-play protection — with a 40-second memory buffer in CD mode; 2-minute buffer in MP3 mode. Choose among four electronic presets — regular, jazz, classic and rock.

This “ultimate shower radio” features an AM/FM digital tuner with 15 AM and 15 FM presets, plus a VHF band for enjoying broadcast TV audio — also with 15 presets. When traveling, tune in European radio stations too! Built-in internal FM antenna comes with an attachable external antenna to optimize reception.

Take this portable CD stereo/radio/alarm clock everywhere — from shower and bath, to shaving sink, to kitchen counter, to workroom, to bedside table…anyplace you’d enjoy CDs and the radio. Take it outdoors, too — its rugged, water-resistant housing makes it great for picnics and tailgates, hot tubs and poolside. For bedside convenience, there’s a ramp-up alarm clock with adjustable snooze that lets you wake up to any CD track you select, the radio or a buzzer. The sleep timer (adjustable up to two hours) lets you fall asleep to quiet music.

It includes hooks for hanging from a shower rod or rail; a countertop stand; and a bracket for mounting on a wall — the CD Shower Companion readily slips on and off the bracket for convenient portability. Position it vertically or horizontally — the innovative, circular LCD automatically rotates to always read correctly! It displays 12/24-hour time, month/date, °F/°C temperature, the alarm-clock setting, CD track and counter, radio station and battery strength.

Price: $199
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