Boostaroo Revolution

Boostaroo Revolution

Have you ever traveled with a companion and wanted to share your headphones while listening to a portable DVD player or MP3 player? When travelling can you simply not turn your device up loud enough to drown out the rest of the noise on the plane? Are you a motorcyclists bored of hearing the drone of the motorcycle motor and wish you could listen to music instead? Are you an audiophile that would like your digital music to sound full even while wearing headphones? UpBeat Audio’s Boostaroo Revolution may be the solution for you.

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The Revolution is an audio amplifier that separates the signal into individual stereo channels to drive two separate headsets or speakers, and images surround sound into 3 channels. Depending on the ohm rating of headphones, the Revolution will provide an 11.5 dB boost with no more than 1% harmonic distortion.

No difference in output or frequency response was observed when one headphone was plugged in or when 2 headphones were plugged in at the same time.

The input impedance was found to be approximately 500 ohms. The output impedance was approximately 1 ohm. Maximum power transfers occur with a 16 ohm load.

Price: $79.99
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