BillShrink helps you save money on credit cards, gas, cell phones and savings accounts

A new online service that aims to help you save money has popped up on the ol’ Interwebs – BillShrink. BillShrink tries to help you save money in a few key areas: credit cards, gas, wireless (a.k.a. cell phone) and savings/CDs.

It asks you a few questions about your current usage, including your current plans, sometimes your address and then give you alternative options for other services that you could be using to save money.

BillShrink has a pretty clean, Web 2.0 site and is easy to use. We’re not sure how they plan to make money in the future, as this service is currently free, but they do request an e-mail address to get your results. I guess e-mail addresses are the new ‘gold’ for many online companies today.