Billionaire Wants a Customized A380

Custom A380 Remember the A380 that I visited at LAX a few months ago? Well, luckily for Airbus, they’ve received some orders despite being 2 years late on their promise, and one of those orders is a very special one from an unknown billionaire who is having his tricked out to the tune of $150 million. Oh yeah, that’s in addition to the price tag of the plane itself ($325M).

I first noticed this piece in the hardcopy of Wired Magazine in the form of a double-paged full color article with descriptions of the various custom areas of the plane, but I wanted to give out some link love, and found a very cool Flash based version of the article on Wired’s site. Thank you Wired!

Just to give you an idea of some of the customizations, there are: lounges with sofas, an office, a shower, master bedroom, formal and casual dining rooms with a 70″ flat screen, and crew quarters. The staff seating area holds 25. 25 people!

via KJHWorld.