Bheestie bag dries out your wet electronics

bheestie dry out bagDrop your cell phone in a pool, got water splashed on it, or worse yet, did it fall in the toilet?! Well here is some inexpensive help without having to buy a new phone – the Bheestie electronic dry out bag.

Bheestie, which means ‘servant who draws and carries water’ is simple bag that contains beads that are super moisture absorbers. Once your phone or other piece of electronics gets wet, place it in the bag for 24-72 hours (depending on how wet it got).

The Bheestie bag will last about a year, depending on how heavily you use it. If you are prone to moist accidents, then you should snag a Bheestie bag right away, because you’ve got to start drying our your equipment immediately after it gets wet. If it sits for a while, the damage may be irreversible.

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Price: $20.00
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