Auto Pet Bowl: Keep Pets’ Bowls Covered

Auto Pet Bowl
Are you looking to give your pets something new and useful? Some people celebrate their pet’s birthday. And if you’re one of them, the Auto Pet Bowl is one of the best gifts you can give. This gadget is an electronic bowl designed to keep your pet’s food and water free from debris and contamination. It makes sure that your pet’s food is always clean, up until the time that your pet is ready to eat it.

The Auto Pet Bowl’s cover is equipped with proximity sensors that are powered by an infrared device. The lid stays on until your pet goes near the bowl and is ready to eat. The bowl can be used by cats, dogs, and other small pets you might have around the house. The bowl would automatically open the moment it detects the pet’s presence. And it will close when your pet leaves.

The compact design of the Auto Pet Bowl is so convenient and durable. The real bowl where the food is placed is made out of pure stainless steel and it can be removed for cleaning purposes. The bowl’s compact design also effectively keeps the bugs and the dusts away from your pet’s food, ensuring them of good health all the time.

The Auto Pet Bowl is best used for free-feeding pets or for giving them access to a fresh supply of water during the night. The circular bowl measures six inches across and three inches high. It can hold one and a half cups of pet food or water. The gadget runs on 4 double-A batteries.

Suggested Price: $34.99