A.R.M. 4000 XL Water Blaster

A.R.M. 4000 XL Water Blaster

Here’s a special gimzo just for summer: a next-generation water gun. Water pistols have evolved from small hand-held affairs to today’s machine guns on steroids, but this one looks like neither–it more closely resembles a cross between a futuristic spaceport and a bionic arm. The latter is nearest the mark, as it turns out: the “ARM Aquatic Revenge Machine” (get it?) actually Velcro-straps onto the upper arm with a transparent green water tank right where any good superhero’s bicep is normally found. No coincidence: it’s called a “Biceptor,” and the pressure in this tank gets pumped by simply straightening and flexing the arm. Clever. The Biceptor, by the way, is just the pressure tank: The main water supply is a separate 2-liter backpack. This makes it possible to soak an opponent single-handed, leaving the other hand free for, oh, say an umbrella.

It’s time for a water gun showdown. With its innovative design and powerful air-pressure fueled water cannon, the A.R.M. 4000 XL Arm-Mounted Water Gun gives you an extra edge. Just strap on the 2 litre water reservoir backpack, attach the water gun to your arm, flex your arm for air pressure and fire away. The competition doesn’t stand a chance.

supersoaker arctic blaster

Want something a little more conventional, but that still gives you an advantage over your opponent? Yes? Then check out the SuperSoaker Arctic Blaster from Hasbro. The sleek, powerful blaster contains an Ice Core tank that chills the water in this 40-ounce capacity soaker. Pump up the blaster, shoot out the powerful streams of water up to 35 feet away, and drench your opponents in icy water! The quick-fill cap means you don’t waste any valuable soaking time! Just fill it with water and it won’t leak out! This blaster’s Ice Core tank lets you chill up to 40 ounces of water to freeze your opponents!

Price: $29.99
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