Archos 500637 Gmini 400 20 GB Digital Audio/Video Jukebox

Archos 500637 Gmini 400 20 GB Digital Audio/Video Jukebox

The Gmini400 goes way beyond music to bring long-awaited features such as a color LCD for viewing photos and music videos, a built-in CompactFlash reader for storing photos and data, and the ability to play Mophun games. You can also connect it to your TV to look at photos and watch videos.

The Gmini400 is ultrasmall, ultraslim, ultralight, and features a cool, silvery aluminum cover and a unique horizontal design specifically developed for today’s hip, fashion-conscious consumer. The Gmini400 expands on ARCHOS’s successful line of hard-drive-based audio players/recorders and is available with a 20 GB hard drive.

Play up to 300 hours of MP3, WMA, and WAV files and record in stereo. Music Player and RecorderListen to and record up to 300 hours of music–that’s 5,000 songs! Play MP3, WMA, and WAV files from major online music stores. Organize songs with the ARCHOS ARCLibrary and sort by artist, genre, title, and year (ID3 compatible). Record from any standard audio source with high-quality stereo sound. Make playlists directly on the device–no computer needed! Be the DJ at your next party by connecting your Gmini400 to a stereo to play all your favorite tunes. Use the Microphone for voice recordings.Store and View Photos

Want to show off photos from last night’s party? Easily transfer them from any digital camera’s memory cards to the Gmini400 using the built-in CompactFlash reader or download photos directly from a PC or Mac through the USB 2.0 interface. Now you can display your JPEG photos on the high-resolution color LCD or pipe them to your TV.

Enjoy a closeup view of photos–up to three times larger! Move around the image using the up/down and right/left navigation buttons. You can also rotate images as needed.Transfer Photos from Digital Camera Memory CardsIf you have an SD, MMC, SmartMedia, Memory Stick or Memory Stick Pro card, just add the Gmini400’s optional four-in-one adapter to be able to transfer your images.

Easily organize songs with the ARCHOS ARClibrary and customize your view by artist, genre, title, and year. Each time you download a music file onto the device, it will automatically classify the song using its ID tag.

Transfer images from SD, MMC, SmartMedia, Memory Stick, or Memory Stick Pro cards with the optional four-in-one adapter.
The Gmini 400 is ultrasmall, ultralight, and ultraslim for easy portability. Play popular games directly on the Gmini400. A free version of Iceblox is included in the device, along with selected demos. Purchase additional games on Archos’s Web site.Watch Videos and MoviesStore videos and movies and play them back on the high-resolution, 2.2-inch color LCD screen or your TV. Play MPEG-4 videos with CD-quality stereo sound.

Friendly Interface

The Gmini400 features the most advanced operating system available today for portable audio players. It has never been easier to navigate and organize music, video, photo, and data files. Synchronize music files directly on the device, thanks to the ARCHOS ARCLibrary, and enjoy thumbnail views of photos and videos.

Additional Drive

The Gmini400 is seen as an additional drive by your PC or Mac. Transfer music, videos, photos, and data files using the USB 2.0 interface, which is also USB 1.1 compatible. Then organize files while on the go with the Double Browser.

Organize Files While on the Go–No Computer Needed

The Double Browser is an easy-to-use music-file-management system for organizing your files while on the go. This allows you to delete, rename, copy, and move files and even create folders directly on the Gmini400 without using a computer.

Price: $399.95
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