Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2010 kick off

WDC '10 With roughly two minutes before Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference about to kick off with Steve Job’s keynote, some late breaking rumors have been hitting the crowd (which all either have a Macbook or iPad in their hands). You can follow live on Macrumor’s Live Coverage site.

As mentioned this morning, there might be one last “Get a Mac” commercial poking fun at the Gizmodo/Apple iPhone controversy. Not unexpected, but rumors of a new Apple TV being presented and previously unreleased rumors about iPhone OS 4 features including printing are emerging. Other expected announcements include a Mac Mini refresh, the latest versions of MacOS X, Safari and Xcode, iBooks subscription service, and Apple’s ‘Magic Trackpad’ or ‘Magic Slate’ release.

The Geeks will wrap-up the Keynote after Steve wraps it up.