Ambient Forecasting Umbrella

Ambient Forecasting Umbrella The Ambient Forecasting Umbrella is not your fathers umbrella! This umbrella has been given intelligence via an injection of technology in it’s handle. The handle has a built-in wireless receiver which receives a daily weather forecast from If the forecast includes rain or snow, blue LEDs flash in the bottom of the handle in proportion to the chance of precipitation in your area. For example, if there is a 100% chance, the blue LEDs will flash quickly while if there is only a 10% chance the handle will flash slowly.

What about the umbrella? The umbrella itself is also incredibly well made. When opened, the umbrellas 58″ dual-canopy “gust buster” design resists strong wind gusts and keeps you fully sheltered from precipitation. Easy push-button opening action and full length storage sleeve with wrist strap.


Suggested Price: $99.99