Actual Window Manager for Windows

Here’s a nice productivity tool that can help you manage your chaos of open windows especially if you’re one of those folks who has tons of windows and browser tabs open (like me!).

It’s a Window Manager that has way more features than you can shake a stick at. Just for starters, you can minimize unused windows in various ways – rolling up, make semi-transparent, closing or to the tray. You can place and size windows exactly where and how you want them.

Each window now gets additional functional icons at the top with windowing functions, as well as a slew of context-sensitive options. If you’re an efficiency wonk, then there are hotkeys for you as well.

You can get a really good idea by checking out the home page which has an animated demo of some of the things Actual Window Manager can do.

Should you get it? Depends. If you’re a 1-window, 1-browser tab kind of person, don’t bother. If you’re a serious multitasker, this type of tool can help you tremendously. At $50, it’s not cheap, but compared to the typical alternative which is to get a 2nd or 3rd monitor, it could be a much better value.

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Price: $49.95
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