ActionTec Unveils New Megaplug Line — Market’s First Family Of 85 MBPS Powerline Networking Products

Six Times Faster than Earlier HomePlug Devices To Support High-Bandwidth Entertainment

SUNNYVALE, CA (December 1, 2005) ‹ Actiontec Electronics today announced the market¹s first family of powerline networking solutions to support throughput speeds of 85 Mbps, enabling consumers to utilize standard electrical outlets to build home networks capable of handling newer high-bandwidth multimedia applications such as IPTV. The new MegaPlug� series will allow users to distribute TV and video signals received over their broadband connection throughout the home, share video and music files stored anywhere on the network, and transfer large files between PCs without dropped packets or other performance problems.

The 85 Mbps throughput capability is a sixfold increase over first-generation powerline networking solutions based on the HomePlug 1.0 standard. All products in the line turn existing electrical sockets into Ethernet connections, eliminating the need to string Ethernet cables to build or extend home networks. The products in Actiontec¹s MegaPlug family include:

· MegaPlug� 85 Mbps Ethernet Adapter (MSRP $59.99), a small box that plugs into any two- or three-prong electrical outlet to link multiple computers or gaming consoles, support networked printers, or connect other devices such as settop boxes, scanners or networkable hard drives. One adapter is needed for each device to be networked, and each package includes an Ethernet cable to connect the device to the adapter.

· MegaPlug� 85 Mbps Wireless Network Extender (MSRP $99.99), the first plug-and-play 85 Mbps solution for getting rid of wireless dead spots without expensive cabling. When plugged into an electrical outlet, the product extends an existing home wireless network to the basement, backyard or any room that is out of range of the wireless router, bringing all wireless-capable devices within 1,000 feet of the MegaPlug unit onto the network.

· MegaPlug� 85 Mbps 4-Port Hub (MSRP $89.99), a device that makes it possible to build powerline networks in homes with one-port broadband modems or gateways. When plugged into the modem or gateway, the hub not only adds HomePlug capabilities but also adds the extra Ethernet ports necessary to connect networked devices. The hub can be used in conjunction with MegaPlug Ethernet Adapters and Wireless Network Extenders to network the entire house.

All MegaPlug products include 56 DES data encryption to protect the home network from neighborhood hackers, as well as integrated quality of service to allow consumers to assign bandwidth priorities for data, video and voice over IP traffic that comes in over their broadband connection.

³Using the existing electrical infrastructure to link all of a home¹s media resources is the easiest networking solution available, but today¹s home entertainment applications require more bandwidth than the older 14 Mbps HomePlug products can provide,² said David Appleman, vice president of business development of Actiontec Electronics. ³Our 85 Mbps MegaPlug products make it possible to build powerline networks that can support new services such as TV over IP, digital video recorder networking, and whole-house video and audio streaming.²

The MegaPlug series is built with Intellon Corporation¹s 85Mbps INT5500CS powerline networking chipset, a HomePlug 1.0 with Turbo solution for delivering higher bandwidth over powerlines.

³Actiontec¹s use of our 85Mbps chipset in their MegaPlug product line will help advance the powerline networking movement, support service providers¹ triple play initiatives, and make it easier than ever for consumers to share digital content throughout the home,² said Bill Casby, vice president of Intellon Corporation. ³This is an important step in the evolution of home networking and next-generation home entertainment.²

Specifications and Availability
Minimum system requirements for all Actiontec MegaPlug products include a router or gateway with HomePlug capability (except for the 4-Port Hub product), a PC running Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP, Internet Explorer 4.0+ or Netscape 4.0+, and a broadband connection. All products support HomePlug Powerline Specification 1.0.1 and will be available in December at as well as through mass market retailers.

About Actiontec Electronics, Inc.
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