a-squared announces Web Malware Scanner 2.0

Put an end to all types of Malware, at no cost: The a-squared Web Malware Scanner 2.0 hunts undesired Spyware modules and dangerous Trojans, Backdoors, Keyloggers, Worms, Dialers, Rootkits, Hacking Tools, Riskware and TrackingCookies, all from within the Web browser. No software must be installed.

Emsi Software GmbH makes short work of all Web dangers and presents a new technological achievement in the battle against all types of Malware. The a-squared Web Malware Scanner 2.0 is the latest product in the well-known a-squared series of products. All users having Internet Explorer and a fast Internet connection, such as DSL, can make optimum use of the scanner.

The a-squared Web Malware Scanner 2.0 uses over 350,000 signatures and an ingenious heuristic algorithm for detecting pests on the local computer. Christian Mairoll from Emsi Software says: “The big advantage is that nobody needs to install software on their computer in order to detect new threats. The a-squared Web Malware Scanner can be used directly from the Web browser.”

Free, Reliable Security

The a-squared Web Malware Scanner is ideal for a “quick scan in the lunch break”. It is always up to date and offers all the important functions, free of charge. Functions that must be paid for when using other Malware scanners.

The user can choose from four different scan functions, depending on the time available for a scan. The quick test provides rapid results, while a detailed analysis of the entire computer can take a while. As with the other a-squared security programs, a Riskware recognition system can also be enabled. This informs the user of programs that are usually harmless but which are often used by Malware for specific tasks.

Convenient and Easy to Operate

Even inexperienced users will have no problem operating the a-squared Web Malware Scanner. In addition to the self-explanatory functions and a modern design, a detailed help system provides answers and solutions to any questions or problems that may surface. As well as the pure scan function, the a-squared Web Malware Scanner now also offers a quarantine station for any pests that may be found. Once banned to this area, the detected Malware no longer presents any danger to your computer system. If software that is actually required is accidentally placed in quarantine, then it can be easily restored at any time.

Just go to this Web address to use the scanner: http://malwarescan.emsisoft.com

Upgrade Tip: a-squared Anti-Malware

The Web Malware Scanner reliably frees your PC from dangerous Malware. It recognizes and removes Malware already existing on your system, and which may even be active in some cases.

However, a scanner alone cannot replace a long-term Malware protection system. For optimum real-time protection, we recommend the use of a-squared Anti-Malware Personal Edition. The Malware-IDS (Intrusion Detection System) contained in this system begins where conventional scanners and removers end: With new exploits and attacks by modified Trojans, Backdoors, Worms and Rootkits. The main point: Thanks to the latest behavior analysis technology, it operates completely independently of signatures and heuristics. Malware is detected on the basis of the way it behaves in the operating system and no longer on the basis of a digital fingerprint. The use of the software costs US$ 2,50 per month. Christian Mairoll: “The safety of your data is surely worth this much!” A 30-day trial version of Anti-Malware Personal Edition is available in the Internet for downloading.

a-squared Web Malware Scanner 2.0: http://malwarescan.emsisoft.com a-squared Anti-Malware: http://www.emsisoft.com/en/software/personal Product details Malware-IDS: http://www.emsisoft.com/en/software/ids Order a-squared Anti-Malware: http://www.emsisoft.com/en/order/homeuser

About Emsisoft:

“Everyone should be able to surf the Web without danger”. This motto is the mission statement of Emsi Software GmbH, founded in Salzburg/Austria, in 2003. The software products have been developed using unconventional methods in the battle against Malware. The main focus of the software lies in the development of effective protection mechanisms offering true safety for every user.