64-Event X10 Mini Timer

64-Event X10 Mini Timer

If you use X10-enabled switches and controllers to turn your lights on and off and dim them remotely, adding this simple device to your setup will allow you to set up timed events easily. Using the 64-Event X10 Mini Timer, you’ll be able to schedule up to eight lights to turn on and off automatically. Awaken to light in addition to sound each morning. Turn lights on automatically when you’re due home at work so you won’t need to arrive home to a dark house. You can even select the “security” mode, which turns lights on and off at different times each day to simulate an occupied home. X10 switches or plug-in modules are required for each light to be controlled and are sold separately.

The 64-Event X10 Mini Timer controls up to eight X10 at the press of a button or when scheduled. Simply set all of the modules to be controlled to the same house code as the X10 Mini Timer and schedule individual on/off times for each. You can even connect an appliance module to your coffee pot and set it to turn on 30 minutes before you wake up for fresh-brewed coffee. Timed events can be set for daily use or once only. With a total of 64 on/off times available, you can schedule devices to turn on and off multiple times each day.

The 64-Event X10 Mini Timer has an internal buzzer that can be used as a standard alarm clock. Hit any button to snooze another 10 minutes.

Turn off your child’s radio or nightlight from your bedside with the 64-Event X10 Mini Timer. You can also turn on ALL lights connected to X10 lamp modules and wall switches with the touch of a button if you hear a suspicious noise at night. You can even turn off everything in the system with the press of a single button.

Install two AA batteries (sold separately) in your 64-Event X10 Mini Timer, and in the event of a power outage, your programmed times will be protected for up to 48 hours.

Price: $39.99
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