5 Important and Useful Phone Numbers – Add to Your Cell

Men’s Health Best Life magazine put out a list of telephone numbers that they feel every man should have. Honestly, it’s not that kind of list; anyone can benefit from these numbers. I didn’t think all 10 deserved to be ranked together, but I did think that 5 of them were very useful. Here they are summarized:

  • 202.501.4444. US Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs’ Overseas Citizens Services. Yes, that’s quite a mouthful and yes, only geared to Americans. These folks are here to help you should you run into mini disasters on your overseas trip.
  • 800.752.6096. Language Line Services. Need an emergency translation in a hurry? For $3.95 a minute, you can get something in over 170 languages translated.
  • 800.466.4411. GOOG-411. You knew Google had to make this list. Make a call, get info. One # that Best Life forgot was Google’s text services. If you’re a texter, then send your queries to 466453 (G-O-O-G-L-E).
  • 800.829.4222. 800-TAXI-CAB. Apart from finding you a local cab wherever, you can also get limos and airport shuttles.
  • ICE. Not an actual # you call, but could be the most important one you store in your phone. You should store your emergency contact #(s) under the name ICE, aka In Case of Emergency, in your phone.