360 Electrical Outlet

360 Electrical Outlet One of the joys of being a technology enthusiast is owning enough electronic gadgets to outfit a small (or large!) IT department. The downside is you have to plug all that equipment in somewhere, ultimately resulting in a power cord mess. Wires get tangled and outlets get blocked and before you know it your gadget nirvana has turned into a cabling nightmare. This is no way for a geek to live!

The 360 Electrical Outlet is a unique product that can help restore happiness to your electronic arsenal. This special outlet allows you to maximize your power cord connections even when dealing with big, bulky transformer plugs. The two rotating outlets let you twist and turn so you can make use of both outlets instead of just one. Installation is as easy as a regular outlet with a size that fits a standard electrical box. Each outlet is back-wired for speed and accessibility. And for the do-it-yourself crowd, clear labels are imprinted on the back of each outlet for hot, neutral and ground connections.


Suggested Price: $9.99