24Mbps Broadband Rollout in the UK

As much technology as we have access to in the States, sometimes we fall way behind our counterparts in Europe and Japan. Take for example, the rollout of 24Mbps broadband in the UK by BE Un limited for only £24/month which is roughly US $42 at today’s exchange rates. You can get a package that limits you to 1GB of downloads for £14/month. This broadband technology is based on ADSL2+ which runs over the same copper wires to your home that you use for your existing DSL and/or phone line. Currently, I pay approximately US $50 for a 768kbps DSL line. Obviously I’d pay $42 for 24Mbps!

And speaking of Internet access, another thing that we don’t have Stateside as yet is Internet access in the air, yet alone broadband. Three years ago, Lufthansa debuted Boeing’s Connexion high-speed internet service on one of their 747 airplanes. Connexion offers 24-hour of service for US$26.95 including connecting flights within 24 hours of sign-in. Just imagine being able to watch TV in the air from your Slingbox?!