2 New Amazon Services: Online Grocer & Payment Service

Amazon logo

Amazon is in the news this week with 2 new services either online or coming soon. First up, they’ve been toying with a new web service for payments that will compete, of course, with Google and PayPal. It’s currently in testing, but the word is that it’ll be announced this week.

Amazon’s other news is in the home delivery grocery biz. While many industry analysts say that this business died in the early 90s with companies like Webvan, Home Grocer, and Kozmo, I disagree. Companies like Peapod and Vons/Safeway continue to quietly run home delivery programs. Entitled Amazon Fresh, it is initially only running in the Seattle area, and I think the secret to them being successful is probably going to be managing the size and then the expansion of the service. Companies like FreshDirect in the NYC area are quite successful in sticking to their geographical area.

via TechCrunch.