16 Apps We Can’t Wait To See On The Kindle 3

6. Crossword App

kindle crossword app

Only two types of people don’t like crosswords: illiterate people and dead people. Neither of which usually buy the Kindle. A native crossword app, one that doesn’t require Internet access, would not only be popular but would also rock to no end.


7. Dwarf Fortress Kindle Edition

dwarf fortress kindle

Personally, I would much rather play Dwarf Fortress on the Kindle than on my Texas Instruments calculator. Seeing that Dwarf Fortress is lightweight and far from visually taxing, it would be doable. All we’d need is the app itself and a graphic interface that would over allow gradient fluctuations for coloring.

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8. Sudoku App


You can play Sudoku on the Kindle 3…. It’s just that it’s a resource hog and you need internet access. Amazon should take a note from the Apple playbook and create an app like that on the iPhone.


9. Twitter Kindle App


Twitter is an almost essential part of living in the 21st century, notwithstanding Ashton Kutcher and his digital vomit. Not having a twitter app where I can read, write and retweet updates is blasphemous and on par with a direct attack on the American way of life. Melodramatic? Yes. True? Indubitably.


10. Language Apps

flash card kindle

I’m something of a language geek, and when I look at the Kindle 3 I see potential. A streamlined app that bundles flash card functionality, reading comprehension, dictionary and retention/multiple choice testing would make the device a virtual Rosetta stone. Without the distractions of the iPad and with its trademark mobility/convenience, learning new tongues would be easy.

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