16 Apps We Can’t Wait To See On The Kindle 3

Now, don’t take this like I don’t think the Kindle is a slick and slightly sick piece of technology… because I do. But still, there’s room for improvement. Seeing that Dali himself would seem as creative as arithmetic in comparison to me (if I do say so myself), I figured I’d sit down and create a list of Kindle apps that would undoubtedly rock… if they existed. Observe:

1. Star Trek App

star trek pad

Picture this: you pull out your Kindle, flick it on and you’re greeted by a readout that looks just like a Star Trek style maintenance log. This app would let you go where no man has gone before… or at least not that many. Throwing up Spock’s “Vulcan salute” as you read is optional.

Extra features – Download Jake Sisko’s novel!

2. Sheet Music App


If the Kindle could offer guitar tab and/or horn charts alongside their standard sheet music app, musicians (myself included) would be jubilant. More so for those with the large-screen Kindle DX, which seems built for impromptu jam sessions. Throw in a metronome coupled with automatic page turning and you got a musician’s wet dream.


3. Book Club App


This app is the traditional book club… on steroids. Sure, you can discuss books with anybody anywhere on the face of the planet and that’s exciting but there’s still more potential. I’m thinking things like real-time passage commenting, book suggestions based on club-wide book collections, a social network-type structure and virtual “book-of-the-month” clubs would really make this app skyrocket.


4. MUD APP – Multi-User Dungeon


For those not fluent in “nerd”, a MUD is like a chat room where users act according to a theme… kind of like a word driven role-playing game. And since nerds are the only ones who seem to read these days, why not have an app for us to connect via Kindle? It’d be a great way to exercise our creativity muscles when we’re not busy reading O’Reilly books.


5. Reading Habits App

Reading app kindle

You can track your reading speed (in order to improve), gauge your current level of reading and earn badges for completing difficult tomes like. I see this being a boon for time managers, educators/students or for the stat junkies out there.

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