“12 Gizmos of Christmas”: #7 – DVD Recorders

The seventh most wanted Gizmo of the 2004 holiday season are DVD recorders. Apparently, Panasonic has cornered the market on DVD recorders as the top selling DVD recorders are all Panasonic.

The first selection is the Panasonic DMR-E55K Progressive-Scan DVD Recorder/Player.

Panasonic’s DMR-E55K DVD player/recorder grants unprecedented recording time on double-sided 9.4 GB recordable DVDs–up to 16 hours, or 8 hours per side (and on standard 4.7 GB discs, in EP mode). The DMR-E55K’s joint support of DVD-RAM and DVD-R media provides the best of both worlds: DVD-R for the highest compatibility (letting you share video recordings with virtually anyone with a DVD player) and DVD-RAM (for rewritability and benefits like TimeSlip, chasing playback, and simultaneous play and record). DVD-RAM offers the perfect method for recording and rerecording favorite programs–over 100,000 times on the same disc. Using DVD-RAM, you can also edit your videos on a multimedia computer with video editing/production software.

The second selection is the Panasonic DMR-E75VS Progressive-Scan DVD Recorder/VCR Combo which is perfect for recording VCRs to DVDs.

Introducing Panasonic’s first dual-deck DVD-Video recorder/VHS recorder, which enables you to easily dub home movies and recorded VHS tapes onto either DVD-RAM or DVD-R discs, and from DVD discs back to a VHS tape. It also plays back music burned to CD-R/RW discs as well as MP3 digital audio.

The DVD side of the DMR-E75V features progressive-scan video playback and great sound thanks to the Dolby Digital and DTS output. The unit also offers twin NTSC TV tuners, enabling you to record two channels at the same time (one on DVD and one on the VHS VCR). Other features include variable data rate settings, a front A/V input, and composite-, component-, and S-video connections on the back.

The final item in this category is the top of the line Panasonic DMR-E85HS Progressive Scan DVD Player / Recorder with 120 GB Hard Drive Recording.

Panasonic’s top-of-the line, fifth-generation DMR-E85HS DVD recorder packs a built-in 120 GB hard drive capable of storing up to 284 hours–more than 11 straight days–of audio/video programming in EP mode. So whether you’re seeking the time-shifted TV viewing abilities of a VCR-like DVR or you want to archive your home movies to long-lasting DVD-RAM and DVD-R discs, this is the recorder for you.

Please comment on our choices for the most wanted DVD Recorders and make sure you check back tomorrow to see our three picks for DVD players!

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