“12 Gizmos of Christmas”: #3 – Video Game Consoles

Video Game Consoles comes in at #3. No need to buy a entire computer when all you want to do is drive faster than everyone else, shoot monsters and navigate mazes. For less than $200, you’re good to go. Heck, you can buy all 3 featured consoles for less than the price of the typical personal computer! Now that would be a lot of gaming.

The big gaming names dominate our list, and first up is the Nintendo DS, which is their next generation portable.

With its two screens, Nintendo DS instantly shows its innovative face. But capabilities like a touch-screen input, voice recognition and wireless communication set it apart from every other game device, and again demonstrate Nintendo’s passion for groundbreaking originality. Game players need only use their imagination to see how the DS promises to transform the portable game industry by changing the way gamers relate to their games – and each other. Two screens offer two perspectives on the action at once. The touch screen could make accessing items, moving characters or navigating menus as easy as a tap or drag on the screen. Voice recognition could let players simply tell the game what they want it to do. Chat software will let users transmit text messages, handwriting and even drawings to one another. And wireless functions could link players in the same room – or across the country. The unique features of the Nintendo DS hold a wellspring of potential for the future. Game players will be wowed.

Aptly in the #2 slot is the newly redesigned Sony PlayStation 2. Picking up where the original left off, but better in every respect, you can’t go wrong with a PS2.

While inheriting the basic functions and design philosophy of the current Playstation 2, the internal design architecture has been completely overhauled, resulting in a slimmer and more lightweight design. INternal volume has been reduced by 75%, overall weight has been halved and thickness trimmed down to 2.8 cm (current thicckness is 7.8cm). Its size is almost as small as a hardcover book, making it easier to carry around and enjoy games and DVD videos anytime, anywhere. The system is equipped with an integrated Etheport for network gaming.

A relative newcomer to the game console market, Microsoft came in with a bang with the Xbox. We feature the Xbox Holiday Bundle which gets you started with games as well as some free months of Xbox Live.

Take the power and flexibility of a dedicated computer gaming system and combine it with the easy-to-use, instant-on format of a high-end console system and what do you get? Well, if you also add in DVD playback ability and broadband Internet connectivity, you get Xbox. Xbox’s holiday 2004 offer: EA Sports’ NCAA Football 2005 and Top Spin FREE, plus 2 FREE months of Xbox Live in every console box.

The advanced components inside Xbox make it the undisputed powerhouse among current game consoles. A 733 MHz Intel main processor and 233 MHz graphics processor from industry leader nVidia deliver photorealistic graphics in real time. A cavernous hard drive stores saved games and characters, making flimsy memory sticks obsolete. The built-in Ethernet port enables super-fast multiplayer online gaming over a broadband Internet connection. Four game controller ports allow you and three of your buddies to play at the same time, or you can use them for other peripherals such as gamepads, light guns, and who knows what else?

Tell the world what you think – add your comments below. Tomorrow brings up #2 on the list. We’ll keep it a surprise for now.