12 Gizmos for Christmas: #8 Blu Ray Players

With many Blu Ray Players dropping to sub-$100 around Black Friday and through the holidays including combo deals with new TVs, Blu Ray Players will be under many trees this Christmas. While DVD sales will still far outweigh Blu Ray Discs, the Blu Ray Players will become a hot commodity.

The best seller at Amazon and other retailers is the Panasonic DMP-BD60. The player is constantly either bundled or on sale so this unit is always competitively priced for a major name brand. Additionally, the player provides 1080P up-convert for DVDs and Viera Cast allowing you to pull up YouTube, Picasa and Weather. This geek got this Blu Ray Player through a bundle deal and after watching Up (great movie, I laughed and cried) on a new Samsung LED LCD TV, my socks were absolutely blown off!

Next, the Sony BDP-N460 allows for instant streaming online entertainment from leading providers at a medium price point.

Finally, if you have a wall-mounted TV, you need to check out the Samsung BD-P4600. This wall-mountable Blu Ray player directly matches the Samsung LED TVs, but you can use with any wall mounted TV. Besides being sexy, some of the features include Wi-Fi capable, Netflix video and Pandora music streaming not to mention all the Audio/Video features you’d look for in a higher end Blu Ray Player.

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