Humans lose to Supercomputer on Jeopardy

IBM Supercomputer, Watson, on Jeopardy

IBM Supercomputer, Watson, on JeopardyOver 6 months ago, we ran the story that Watson, IBM’s latest supercomputer named after its founder, was going to play the TV game show Jeopardy. And it did, against two of the most successful (human) Jeopardy contestants ever – Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter.

So what was the result? Watson simply blew them away – it ended with Watson racking up $77,147, Jennings $24,000, and Rutter with $21,600. Amazing, and of course a little scary, as this supercomputer ‘learned’ as it went, getting progressively better as the game went along.

Here is a video of the Double Jeopardy round from the 2nd game yesterday (Wed) and below that is a video from PBS with behind-the-scenes and interviews with Watson’s creators.

Behind the scenes and Interviews: