Toshiba Ships World’s First UWB Wireless Port Replicator

Toshiba’s Digital Products Division, a division of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., today announced the Toshiba Wireless UWB Port Replicator. Toshiba’s new port replicator is the world’s first wireless port replicator capable of transferring baseband video.

Toshiba’s Wireless UWB Port Replicator represents a significant breakthrough in docking technology. The integration of Ultra Wide Band (UWB) high-speed wireless technology capable of transmitting digital video wirelessly, allows the Toshiba Wireless UWB Port Replicator to stream baseband video with up to SXGA resolution. Toshiba’s Wireless UWB Port Replicator is the first port replicator to stream baseband video. This enables users to easily stream unencrypted/uncompressed video, such as home videos, music and video CDs or Internet-based video.

Usually port replicator’s are used to quickly attach laptops to wired connections since laptops tend to have wireless networking and built-in mouse and keyboards so I’m not sure of the demand for this $499 laptop accessory.