patent gets patent to put your order packaging on video

amazon patent has had yet another patent approved, this time for a way to send their customers images and video clips of their orders being packed up for shipping. Yes, you read that right.

The idea is that it assists customers as well as Amazon and their associated merchants. We’ll see how this pans out, and of course, it could end up being rife with issues, or it may actually be able to cut down the amount of unverifiable finger-pointing that occurs in online shopping and order fulfillment.

Post a comment the first time you notice a video/image in your Amazon order e-mail.

Microsoft file patent for ‘Magic Wand’

Microsoft seem to be filing patents left, right and center these days, and the latest discovery is one that may sound ridiculous at the moment, but it is quite easy to imagine it being common practice in the future – the ‘Magic Wand’. This ‘wand’ doesn’t have quite as many uses as a wizard’s, but does sound pretty handy; it can support connections between various types of technology in your home, whether it be your home cinema or pool cover.

Okay, you say – just another home automation remote control. But wait. This new ‘Wand’ sounds like it could take on a more advanced form of the Nintendo Wii control, whereby accelerometers (like in the high-end Nokia N-series and various other phones), various speed sensors, pre-existing communication frequencies and even by video cameras on the device! Maybe it could be left on a desk and programmed to hide all your games when your boss walks in the room? Let’s hope the patent gets granted!

Patent Filing

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