Skullcandy Holua Wooden In Ear Bud

Skullcandy has modified the headphone and earbud industry with incredibly designed and great sounding music ear wear. The Holua Wooden earbuds are popular among those who are lucky enough to own a pair as reviews appear typically between the 4-5 star mark (out of 5) on the various sites the geeks have checked. The earbuds… Continue reading Skullcandy Holua Wooden In Ear Bud

Sanwa Throat Microphone

Be on the lookout for a new Throat Microphone from Sanwa which is similar in concept to the Jawbone headsets from Aliph. Useful in noisy situations, the microphone can capture and translate the vibrations produced by the throat back into audible voice. This microphone should also allow you to talk quietly, as the vibrations produced… Continue reading Sanwa Throat Microphone