Super Mario Bros Russian Dolls

Super Mario Russian Dolls

Russian dolls have been around since around 1890, so it’s about time they were updated slightly. ‘Cmsturmhous’ (Flickr username) has done just that and crafted some rather amazing Russian dolls based on characters from Super Mario Bros. In this amazingly-well painted set are Mario (largest), Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Bowser, and all the other enemies we’ve become oh so found of over the many years since their birth.

Russian dolls are skillfully crafted, as their dimensions have to be precise in order to fit perfectly inside each other, so it can only be the case that Cmsturmhous has painted over some original dolls (amazingly well done if not) – but still, kudos on the designs. Head over to the Flickr Stream for some more pictures.

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