Review: iTech SolarVoice 908 – Solar-Powered Bluetooth Headset

itech solarvoice 908 bluetooth headsetLast year, we reviewed the iTech SolarCharger 906 which we quite liked. Now we have a chance to test out another iTech’s solar-powered products – the SolarVoice 908.

For starters, I was excited to try out a headset that could be solar powered. Living in Southern Cal, I envisioned having a headset that never ran out of juice, although on further reflection, I realize this may not be the case in many other areas with fewer days of sunshine. In those instances though, the provided USB charger would work as a great backup. However, as I tried charging the headset using solar power only, I realized the challenges of doing so – the headset will only charged if turned in certain specific orientations to the light, some of which require odd angles achieved by shifting the position of the over-the-ear plastic piece.

FreeLoader Portable Solar Charger – Power Your Electronic Gadgets via the Sun

We recently reviewed the iTech SolarCharger 906, and here’s another similar portable solar charger, the FreeLoader. Like the iTech, the FreeLoader can either be charged up via the Sun’s rays or from a more conventional power source.

It has a 1000mAh Li-ion battery to hold its charger and comes with 11 adapater tips to supply power to a variety of electronic devices. The FreeLoader is about the same price as the SolarCharger 906, but we like that the SolarCharger come with a protective case and a windshield car mount.

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Price: $49.99
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Review: iTech SolarCharger 906 – portable solar charger

There are numerous portable battery backup solutions out there that come in various sizes, shapes and function. iTech makes one that falls into the ‘green’ category. How? By being rechargeable via solar energy. The SolarCharger 906 is a compact iPhone-sized (approx 4″ x 2.5″ x 0.6″) solar panel that holds 1,260mAh of power.

You can either charge up the 906 via a USB cable but of course, its star power (pardon the pun) is to be recharged via the sun’s rays. The 906 comes with a clear plastic cradle that is very securely connected and suction cups that you can use to attach it to your car’s windscreen. There’s also a car-kit.

The SolarCharger 906 has 4 blue LED lights on it that shows the degree to which it is charged up. Unfortunately, it takes over 20 hours to get fully charged up via sunlight, but iTech claims that it can keep a full charge for up to a year. So far, we’ve found that it does keep a charge for a week.

It also comes with 10 different power adapter tips including ones for LG, Nokia, Nintendo, Samsung, and Sony phones, Sony PSP and a few different USB tips (supports iPhone, iPods, Motorola and Blackberrys).

You can simultaneously charge a device while the 906 is charging via sunlight. Theoretically, you can keep the 906 running indefinitely if it gets enough sunshine.

We really liked iTech’s SolarCharger 906, but have to say that it is ideal for those folks that have their cars outside for a significant amount of time daily and use their portable devices enough to warrant an emergency backup. People that don’t fit this description may not get their money’s worth from the SolarCharger, although the 1 time you absolutely need your phone recharged, you may think just that!

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