Toyota working on anti-drunk driving technology

In much the same way that certain diseases have been eradicated and we as a society have shed them from our collective consciousness, so one day we may forget that drunk driving was ever the scourge it is today. More than a few companies are working on solutions that will aid in this quest. Toyota… Continue reading Toyota working on anti-drunk driving technology

Anti-sleep driving alarm

In keeping with our love of all types of alarms (clocks mainly), here’s one to help keep you awake when you’re behind the wheel, manning an important station, studying, or perhaps in the middle of that very important gaming session! It’s a gadget that goes behind your ear and can tell when your head tilts… Continue reading Anti-sleep driving alarm

In-car IPTV – Be entertained in traffic

This is a scary picture. It’s live TV in a car’s dashboard. C’mon, we can barely talk and drive, yet alone talk on a cell phone or worse, watch TV. All the same, US Telematics is bring TV via IPTV to cars. I can only hope that we get those self-driving auto systems soon.

Any multitasking while driving is dangerous

More research into this contentious area has shown that our brains simply aren’t built for multitasking, yet alone performing other tasks while driving. Research done by neuroscientist Marcel Just of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and his colleagues shows that using part of your brain for language processing reduces activity in the spatial regions used… Continue reading Any multitasking while driving is dangerous