A’Diva Tiâ„¢ loudspeaker from Anthony Gallo Acoustics

The new A’Diva Ti loudspeaker from Anthony Gallo Acoustics is the ultimate weapon of choice for home theater, pumping out transparent, dynamic sound never before heard from a small home speaker. The A’Diva Ti driver, a clever combination of Titanium and paper, enables self-damping while extending frequency response to a full 22kHz.

In addition to its unprecedented treble extension, the A’Diva Ti also achieves exceptional bass extension, which is only possible with our patented S2 technology.

The titanium/paper coupling combines the smooth and natural sound qualities of organic fibers with the superior treble extension and improved off-axis linearity of titanium. The voice coil has been enlarged to 1� for even more dynamic range, supported by an oversized Neodymium magnet with video shielding for freedom of placement. An under-hung architecture makes for even lower distortion and higher outputs than before.

Best of all, the A’Diva Ti looks and feels at home in any room in your house. Thanks to its five available mounting options, the speaker can be positioned just about anywhere, including on a wall or ceiling, on any flat surface or recessed into your wall or ceiling. They can also be used in custom installations such as motor homes, or as marine speakers in yachts.

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