16 Apps We Can’t Wait To See On The Kindle 3

11. Teach Kids Reading App

kids reading app for kindle

Kids might actually enjoy reading with an app like this. Pop quizzes on the fly could be integrated or even a full reading series. The idea would be to make the Kindle feel like a gaming console to the little ones.


12. Write to my blog

blog post kinlde app

As you read that new book or magazine article, drop notes directly onto your blog from the device. Super streamlined and quick, the bloggers among us would dig this. Typing on the small keyboard might prove monotonous, but it’ll get the job done.

13. Choose your own adventure App

choose your own adventure

Most folks remember the Choose Your Own Ending books from their adolescence days. Now, imagine using the same concept for adult-oriented novels. The app gives Kindle users flexibility and control over the plot arc without any of the frustrating “turn to page 39” nonsense. Instead, you’re at the next part with nothing more than the click of a link.


14. Recipe App – Create Easy Shopping List

receipe book for kindle

Most guys, including myself, would rejoice for something like this. Plus it would be cool. You pull up a recipe on the Kindle and it extracts the ingredient list, giving you a ready-made shopping list. No more forgetting ingredients which equals one less way to end up in the dog house.


15. Speed Reading Apps


I’ve gone from reading 300 words a minute to 1,000 words a minute, so I know how easy improvement can be. With a speed reading app, it would be even easier to fix bad fixations/regression and to switch from sub-vocalization to reading by sight. This means you can read more, remember more and get more out of your Kindle.


16. Free Books Apps

free kindle books

Digital Inspiration gives some killer tips on finding free ebooks (basically using different search functions on Google and Amazon), but why not have an app that does all of the grunt work for you? The voracious readers among us would love it and free is my favorite price.

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