TV Alarm Clock

by Doug Felteau on February 18, 2006

TV Alarm Clock

You don’t need to wake up to an annoying buzzer or obnoxious radio show. Wake up to your favorite TV show with the TV Alarm Clock, which turns on the television in your bedroom at the time you specify. This convenient clock sits on your bedside table, and its backlit 2-inch display shows the time and date. At your designated waking hour, the TV Alarm Clock sends an infrared signal to your television to turn it on like a standard remote control. Since you can set up to three times for this alarm clock to send its power signal to the TV, you can also use it to turn your television off automatically at a certain time, convenient if you tend to fall asleep while watching late-night shows.


The TV Alarm Clock learns the power code from your existing remote control with the press of a button. Prefer a traditional alarm? The TV Alarm Clock also functions as a standard alarm, even flashing four bright LEDs when the alarm sounds.

Since it automatically turns your TV on or off at up to three preset times, you can use the TV Alarm Clock as a security device, making your home sound occupied from the outside. Additional features include a bright blue EL backlight.

Price: $22.99
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