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Humor: Can You Imagine a Real-World Social Network?

If you stop for a bit and think about how Facebook or any other social network operates, you may realize (if you have your profile wide open) that it really is a invasion of your privacy, albeit self-imposed. Just think about the information you stick up there. A couple of jokers have capitalized on this […]

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The History of the Podcast and its Ties to RSS Feeds

Apple's podcasting icon

When the iPod was introduced and people discovered how great it was for playing music, it became obvious that it could be used for playing other types of audio files as well. What is today called a podcast traces its origins to a form of distributed MP3 files that could be downloaded and played on […]

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PowerGramo Offers Business-Grade Skype Solutions

PowerGramo is an enterprise-level Skype call recording suite. There are a few different versions of the software, costing between $15 and $45 for the license, and all can record Skype-to-Skype calls. The basic version will allow you to record conference calls and export to OGG and WAV formats, but as you go up the software […]

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Will Microsoft Spoil the Skype Home User Experience?

Microsoft and Skype

So what will Microsoft do with Skype now that they’ve paid a staggering $8.5 billion for the Internet-based communications company? Are you worried that your free video conferencing service will die at the hands of Bill Gates’ former empire? The Internet is rife with our patents and rumors regarding what Microsoft plans to do with […]

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Secure your Wi-Fi Network and Avoid the Feds Knocking Down Your Door

Wi-Fi Router Security

A man from Buffalo, New York received a harsh lesson in securing his home Wi-Fi network after federal agents raided his house in the early hours on suspicion of downloading child pornography. According to the unfortunate homeowner, federal agents burst in at 6.20am on March 7, knocking down the back door. The man jumped out […]

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Google Lets Us Peek Inside Their Data Center, Highlights Security

Google, specifically the Google Apps division, recently released a video highlighting the security protections they use in their data centers to protect both the facilities themselves and the data stored on their servers.

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Yahoo’s Delicious Acquired by YouTube Founders. Sign In and Say Yes to Transfer

How to Migrate Your Account to the New Delicious

Earlier this week, AVOS, a company formed by YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steven Chen, agreed to acquire Delicious from Yahoo! This is a great piece of news for those of us who have been compiling bookmarks for years now. It’s also even better news for the Internet community at large for the large pool […]

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Google Aims to Speed Up the Web with SPDY Protocol

SPDY and HTTP packet loss graph

Google has been quietly working on a new protocol for Web traffic that would augment and speed up HTTP, a protocol that is now over 20 years old. Called SPDY — not an acronym, but short for “speedy” — it is currently part of the Chromium umbrella of open-source projects and its main aim is […]

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D-Link Offers Wireless N Speeds Over Your Electric Wiring

D-Link’s DHP-1320 Router allows you to make extra fast connections throughout your home via your existing electrical wiring. The DHP-1320 offers speeds of upto 300Mbps throughout a huge area of your home. Because the router is in the PowerLine series it can be used to get a wired internet connection almost anywhere in the home, […]

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Amazon Races Ahead of Google, Apple with Digital Locker Called Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive just rolled out a number of related products revolving around storing your music, movies, photos or whatever in the cloud, Amazon’s cloud to be specific. Amazon just got a huge jump on Google, Apple, Microsoft and anyone else that wanted to get into this ‘digital locker’ game. And I use the word ‘game’ facetiously, […]

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