Gadgets we got from the Military

GPS Waypoint

There are many gadgets that we’ve ‘inherited’ courtesy of the military that we take for granted yet enrich our daily lives. The US Department of Defense (DoD) has a sizable portion of its financial budget that is partially secret that goes towards R&D on cutting-edge and next-generation technology. Over the past 80 years or so, […]

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Keep New Year Resolutions using Technology

Happy New Year! For some, a new year is time to start anew. Perhaps last year was particularly rough with relationships or monetarily or perhaps there were physical or mental issues that put a damper on 2011 but with the start of a new year we can start all over and work towards a better […]

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6 of the Best Hi-Tech Hotels for Geeks on the Go

2 USB connectors

We have hurtled head-first into the digital age, so it’s high time that our holiday homes get tech-friendly too. Taking our prized tech possessions on our travels is easier than ever before, but finding a hotel to cater for all our connection needs can often be a challenge. So, what’s the solution? A new breed […]

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Automatic Guitar Tuner Tunes Guitar Perfectly Every Time


If you don’t mind having the ‘fun’ taken out of tuning up your guitar, then this little gizmo should save you a lot of time – a robotic guitar tuner. This isn’t just a simple device that tells you whether your current tuning is too flat or too sharp, it actually listens and then tunes […]

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5 Geeky Products To Pamper Your Pooch in Summer

Doggles Sunglasses for Dogs

Are pets part of the family? This is an ongoing debate that won’t soon die over. But what isn’t up for debate is how those who love their pets and do consider them part of the family love to spoil them rotten. In the Winter time, when every two legged and four legged creature tends […]

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See If You Were Hacked by LulzSec

Lulz Security (aka LulzSec) have been responsible for some notorious hacks in the past 6 weeks that have made headlines, including the attack on the Sony PSN (Playstation Network). Thousands upon thousands of Facebook, GMail and PayPal accounts have been hacked and worse made public. Gizmodo has set up a tool to allow you to […]

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World’s Largest Miniature Airport Opens for Business

Forget Hatsfield-Jackson or Heathrow, the Knuffingen Airport is now the world’s biggest ‘little’ airport. Knuffingen Airport is the latest attraction to Miniatur Wunderland in Germany. The display area takes up 150 square meters, it took seven years to build and cost $4.8m. The planes (ranging from Cessna to Airbus A380) take off and land like […]

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Livescribe Smartpens go Online – Can Now Share Socially to Facebook, Twitter

Livescribe Echo smartpen

Over the last two years we’ve brought you the Livescribe Pulse and Livescribe Echo smart pens, and now in 2011 comes news of Livescribe Connect. While the previous pens were pretty amazing in their capabilities (refresh your memory: they record exactly what you write and you can sync audio with this, and a few neat […]

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SignNow Lets You Electronically Sign Documents from Desktop or Mobile


Finally signatures have a chance to move into the digital world with the forming of a new company, SignNow. SignNow offers you software for your computer or smartphone that allows anyone, anywhere to sign documents. Since electronic signatures are legally binding in the US the system is an improvement on traditional pen and paper as […]

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Humor: Can You Imagine a Real-World Social Network?


If you stop for a bit and think about how Facebook or any other social network operates, you may realize (if you have your profile wide open) that it really is a invasion of your privacy, albeit self-imposed. Just think about the information you stick up there. A couple of jokers have capitalized on this […]

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