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Atari Greatest Hits – Ultimate Collector’s Games

Most people would agree that games today, no matter how good the graphics or how realistic the plot, just can’t compete with playing some of the original classics. Luckily the people at Atari have heard our cries, and released their “Greatest Hits” for Nintendo DS We hardly need to explain what the games are, all […]

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You Rock Guitar Takes Guitar Hero to the Next Level

The You Rock Guitar is the perfect gizmo for bridging the gap between real music and rhythm gaming such as Guitar Hero. Here we have the most realistic guitar on the market that is compatible with the likes of Rock Band and Guitar Hero, with lots of other features including MIDI output. The You Rock […]

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Dixit Board Game – A Fun Alternative to Settlers of Catan?

Here’s another no-batteries-needed game. If you fancy a bit of a change from Settlers of Catan (although we don’t know why you would) then Dixit makes a good alternative. The whole game is very well made, with a high level of attention to the graphics. Each game takes around 30mins to play (unlike those epic […]

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Solitaire Chess Improves Chess and Logic Skills

The Solitaire Chess game appears to combine Solitaire and Chess, but really it’s just a good fun way of improving your chess and logic skills. The game takes more fun aspect of chess that we all love – stealing the other person’s pieces – and builds a whole game around it.

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Mattel Announces Mindflex Duels

Mindflex Duels by Mattel

Mattel has announced the next game in the Mindflex series called Mindflex Duels. Mindflex Duels will give two players a chance to see who can use Jedi mind tricks to control a foam ball using their powers of concentration. The goal is to move your ball to the player’s side of the table using your […]

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Mobile App Turned Board Game – Angry Birds Knock on Wood

Angry Birds Knock On Wood board game best iPad App

How great would one of the most addicting and top rated mobile games for the iOS be in the physical world? The Geeks have even rated Angry Birds as one of the best iPad apps available today. The world of Geeks shall soon rejoice in May of this year when the Angry Birds Knock on […]

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Lego Darth Vader Clock Gets You Up in the Morning

I struggle to get up in the morning, but with a huge LEGO Darth Vader or Stormtrooper standing over my bed I know I’d get out of bed a lot faster. These ironically cute alarm clock figures are based on their LEGO minifigure counterparts scaled up to 8 inches. Their chests double up as clocks. […]

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USB Joysticks Let You Relive Your Olden Gaming Days

Wasn’t gaming so much more fun back in the day when we had joysticks (a al Atari 2600), so ThinkGeek have remedied this by getting hold of a USB joystick. This one’s got 8 directions and a fire button, all programmable. Luckily ThinkGeek has provided us with a way to get Halo working on your […]

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Activision Kills Off RedOctane Division, and with it Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero logo

Wow, just wow. I’m speechless at the news that Activision has announced they’re shutting down their RedOctane division which makes made the fantastically popular Guitar Hero game. They made this decision primarily due to it having become a money-losing proposition. It was only a few years ago that the Guitar Hero franchise had hit $1 […]

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Creationary is Pictionary with LEGOs – Hours of Fun!

Creationary: LEGO Pictionary

If you like Pictionary and love embracing your inner child (let’s face it, we all do) then you should try out LEGO Creationary. It’s Pictionary, except build your items out of LEGO!

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