How to Convert Cassette Tapes to MP3s for Free on a Mac

My wife recently was deep cleaning and ran across a few tape cassettes that she remembered she really liked and asked if I could convert or digitize the tapes to MP3s for use in iTunes and on her iPhone. I figured it wasn’t a big deal so I told her I could before I thought […]

Read more Converts Any Web Page into a PDF File

Ok, this is just plain cool, practical and easy to use: is a web utility that takes any Web page and converts it into a PDF file. Great for those really long articles that you want to read offline or in your eReader. I tested this out with GfG and it came out perfectly! […]

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Honestech VHS to DVD 4.0 – transfer VHS video tapes to DVD

We reviewed Honestech’s VHS to DVD 3.0 product in depth last year and found a top-class product that quickly pays for itself if you have any amount of analog media to save. Well now, Honestech (Honest Technology) has an updated version, VHS to DVD 4.0 Deluxe. The gist of the product is still the same: […]

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VHS2DVD Wizard – Converts VHS to DVD

VHS2DVD Wizard is another competitor in the VHS to DVD conversion market. It presents a simple and tidy way to transfer your VHS video tapes to DVDs. Sure it might not have the same features as some of the other competitors (round up) but it does it cheaper and perhaps with less hassle. Plug in […]

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Analog to Digital Converters – Round Up

Here we have a furious round up of some of the many analog to digital converters we’ve featured over the years to persuade you to digitize your precious analog collections of audio cassettes, vinyl records, photographs, slides/negatives and VHS tapes. Let’s go! Audio Cassettes With CDs looking like they’re being overtaken by new performance discs […]

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