Lapinator Portable Insulated Laptop Desk

by Khalid Hosein on May 1, 2005

Lapinator Portable Insulated Laptop Desk

Terminate the heat – Work and play in comfort! The 13 inch version of the Lapinator portable insulated laptop desk is the only portable laptop desk that keeps your lap cool and your laptop cooler. Weighs only 11 ounces. 3M’s Type B Ultra Thinsulate blocks over 95% of laptop heat while the patented design actually keeps your laptop cooler – and a cooler laptop lasts longer. The self-adhesive bumpers provide better ventilation and a better typing angle and the Lapinator’s “legs” let body heat escape. It’s the most comfortable laptop desk available. When you’re done, simply slip the Lapinator into your laptop bag – you won’t even know it’s there. Use it anywhere.



Air circulates under your computer, and between you lap and this desk. A short strap on the front keeps cables neat while working. Use it for travel, or to protect a wooden desk or table from heat damage. For those larger laptops, please take a look at the 18 inch Lapinator Plus.

Price: $24.95
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)